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Lead Vocals (also backing vocals, acoustic guitar) - - 1st CTTE - - Favorite Artists: Seal, CSN&Y, Ambrosia, Jackson Browne, Yes, Kansas, Joe Jackson, James Taylor, Pat Metheny, Pink Floyd, Spock's Beard, Steely Dan

Once upon a time I had a life. Then I had kids. You know the story. The good news is, my kids turned out to be pretty freakin' awesome, and (surprise!), kids grow up!

So now I find myself in a position to rediscover my Once-Upon-A-Time musical life. To summarize the last (mumble mumble) years, my parents were musicians, but I think I turned out all right anyway. Picked up the guitar at 12, immediately started writing songs. Picked up (well, not LITERALLY) the piano around 16... kept writing and singing, joined a folk-rock band, married the guitar player, we joined a progressive rock band, barely escaped with our lives, started a country covers band (hey, it put me through college!), studied music and started doing our originals in a country rock band... Kids happened. I became a church worship leader, but I got better (don't get me started!)... time passed... kept the kids, didn't keep the guitar player/husband. Learned to laugh again :D

My daughter Rachel is producing my first album, and my son Vaughan is helping me with the cover art. Put those kids to work, I say! And I do the mom thing, helping them to maximize their awesomeness... which is usually pretty easy!

And now I get to play music with you!  It just keeps getting better.


Lead Vocals (also backing vocals, acoustic guitar, mellotron) - - Favorite Artists: Carole King, John Denver, Evanescence, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Depeche Mode

My earliest musical memories were listening to Carole King and John Denver on my parents huge stereo, Big Bands coming through Grandmas radio, and music in Temple. I probably sung before I spoke. I was always singing. My parents indulged me by taking me to my favorite restaurants where I could listen to live music. I sang in choir in Temple, then High School and college choirs. I became a music teacher so I could...that's right...keep singing! I sang to my babies and now I sing to my goats! If something comes up in conversation that can be sung to, I'll sing it! I guess I could say "I sing, therefore I am!"


Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals (also keyboards, ukulele) - - Favorite Artists: Rush, Dream Theater, Yes, IQ, Haken, Steely Dan, Kansas, Gentle Giant, among countless others

A music teacher who loves to sing- formerly lead singer of a Gentle Giant tribute band (for real!! We had like 3 gigs, including one where Gary Green was in the audience). My voice is a tenor, I can sing Geddy Lee, Jon Anderson, Steve Walsh, etc.


Lead Vocals (also bass, drums, guitar, keyboard) - - Favorite Artists: John Wetton, UK, Asia, KIng Crimson, Elton John, Roxy Music, Be Bop Deluxe, No Small Children, Dangerous Stranger, Yes, ELP, etc.

I am building a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude. You have my gratitude. I'll need a dozen towels so the boys can take a shower. Less than if, is more than but, why times equals sometimes not. I am a lesbian trapped in a man's body.


Lead & Backing Vocals (also bass/rhythm guitar) - - Favorite Artists: Yes, Genesis, The Beatles, King Crimson, UK, ELP, Todd Rundgren, Paul McCartney, Gentle Giant, Echolyn, Lifesigns, Dave Kerzner Band, Kansas, Jethro Tull, Caravan, The Moody Blues

I'm a musician who is getting back into the world of bands and performance after two decades of children/jobs/responsibilities. I've never had a lesson in my life, yet I'm one of those people who can pick up an instrument and 'figure out' how to play songs I've only heard once or twice. I grew up in a home with two older sisters, one into Broadway Shows, The Brooklyn Bridge and Streisand, the other into the Beatles/Monkees/Paul Revere & the Raiders as well as the current music of the time. As a child I was told I was naturally musically gifted, yet my parents refused to get me lessons or allow me to take any music related courses in school. Instead of being allowed to following my bliss, I entered the working world and have toiled there for many years. Now that I'm older, the music has called me back and thanks to Late Night Live and the wonderful players within, I've rekindled that side of my being. I'm primarily a bass player or rhythm guitarist, yet I've been primarily singing lead vocals in various Late Night shows. Big "Thank You’s" to Rob Rutz  for making it possible, but BIG love to Bill Goldman, Devora Goldman, Ken Slater, Joel Simches, Carolyn Corella, Bob Harris, Suzanne Mulhall and the rest of my Late Night FAMILY for encouraging me out of my shell and back on a stage where I belong. Thanks guys!


Lead & Backing Vocals - - Favorite Artists: Marillion, Lifesigns, Echolyn, October Project

I grew up in a house where my older siblings had control of the stereo, so I was influenced by their love of Yes, Pink Floyd, CSNY, and many others. I started singing in elementary school, and that continued, with piano and voice lessons in middle and high school. My enjoyment of music lead to becoming a DJ, first at a low-wattage station on Long Island, then in college, and then professionally in Western Maryland.  My dad wanted me to major in music in college, but as a mediocre piano player, I didn't see much happening for a singer with a music degree except for teaching, and I didn't want to do that (surprise, I went back to school and work in an education role!) Nowadays, you'll find me singing the harmony lines along with whatever is playing on the car stereo. That could be 80's new wave, jazz, or more likely, Marillion, Rush, Genesis, Echolyn, or October Project.


Lead & Backing Vocals

Was an artist most of my younger days. Have not been doing it that much the last decade but the Prog on the Ranch and the CTTE has changed that and now I am staying warm and starting to write again. I have been around the industry in many aspects forever. Started performing live at 8. First band at 12. Worked the NY and LA music scene hard for a while.


Lead & Backing Vocals (also drums) - - Favorite Artists: Genesis, Kevin Gilbert, Peter Gabriel, Spock's Beard, Toto, Ambrosia, Enchant, Chicago, Saga

Rob serves ProgStock's Last Call Live LIVE as project coordinator and master of ceremonies, working closely with fellow all-volunteer Late Night Production team colleagues As background, Rob is the artist relations coordinator for global webcast radio station House of Prog ( He also volunteers on ProgStock Music Festival's management team, a New Jersey-based festival. Rob is drummer-vocalist in a classic rock cover band Argyle Bananas, which he founded with his son TJ and local musician friends.  A lifelong music scene fanatic and broadcast buff, Rob began his official work in the music industry as a 13-year-old founder of WMSS-FM, a terrestrial radio station. Launched by junior high school students, WMSS is still in operation today in Middletown, Pennsylvania.  Rob is thrilled and honored to be a part of ProgStock's Last Call LIVE family and encourages everyone to be involved, especially as an active patron in the audience cheering on those who work so hard and offer such talent to the cause.

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Guitar - - Favorite Artist: Rush

Computer geek for 40+ years. Love Rush and playing Rush. Yes I have played other songs by other bands but I enjoy playing Rush songs more than anything else. They are just more fun for me to play.


Guitar (also bass/upright, keyboards) - - Favortite Artists: Rush, Yes, Dream Theater, Steely Dan, Allen Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Al DiMeola

I started on bass in high school in 1978. Switched to guitar in college and studied music while performing in local bands and giving lessons in music stores. Finished college and moved to LA CA to attend Musicians Institute where I graduated with honors. Got hired by Roland US in 1990 as a product specialist/clinician. They offered me a sales rep position in 1997 and I moved to Ohio. I am a professional toy salesman :)

I currently perform with several different music projects. I play the role of Alex Lifeson in 2112 "The Spirit Of Rush". That band has a spin off cover band that opens for the Rush tribute show where we switch instrument and I play keyboards (left hand bass) and sing. I also play the roles of Peter Green, Lindsey Buckingham, and Howard Leese in a Fleetwood Mac/Heart double tribute show band. Finally my favorite music group is a jazz band in which I play upright bass.

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Bass Guitar (also flute, sax, oboe, drums, ukulele) - - Favorite Artists: Rush, Yes, Genesis, Cheap Trick, B52s, RuPaul, The Beatles, Gilbert & Sullivan and anything Sondheim

I have loved music all my life. Some of my earliest memories are associated with music (thank you Ed Sullivan Show). My first instrument was a Telestar ukulele that my mother got for me with Green Stamps when I was around 7 years old and home sick with some horrible flu. Ukulele led to guitar and then in middle school I took up flute (second choice, because everyone wanted to play drums!). I then became the quintessential band geek. In high school, I would poke around the band storage rooms and ask to borrow an instrument and teach myself how to play it. That is how I picked up bass, oboe and sax. Along with living in the band room, I began playing in rock bands; Pop, Punk and Prog! I then went to college to major in music education. Due to the loss of my parents, I didn't get to finish college. In 1986 I moved to Boston for music scene. That is where I met my partner in crime, Joel Simches. We've been playing together in various bands and musical projects for the past 25 years (Curious Ritual, One of Us, The Boston Rock Opera, Joe Turner & The Seven Levels, Butterscott). I'm also in Bikini Whale (as Sara Lee), New England's premier B-52s experience!


Bass Guitar (also keyboards, guitar) - - Favorite Artists: King Crimson, Genesis, Gentle Giant, UK, Steven Wilson, Depeche Mode, Oingo Boingo, Beatles, Creedence.

Grew up on Long Island. Began piano lessons at 4.  Sixth grade band teacher got pissed off at me for emptying my trombone's spit valve a few times on the kid sitting in front of me (well it was funny at the time). He took my trombone, stuck a bass guitar in my hands & said welcome to jazz band.  Got my own bass at 13, a '71 pink sunburst Ric, and took off learning how to play. Saw King Crimson for the 1st time on 4/28/1973. Still remember the date.  John Wetton/Bill Bruford, most powerful rhythm section I ever heard. Changed my life. I HAD to play like that. In '74, I followed Crimson all over the the east coast, became friends with 2 roadies, & for the final 3 shows I "assisted" them (don't touch anything kid).  At the last show in Central Park, I watched from the wings. Nobody knew it then, but that night's encore "Starless" was the last song they ever played live with that lineup. In college I was in a few bands, including a rising NY punk band. We played the CBGB, & Max's Kansas City from '77 to '79, and met just about everyone in the NYC underground scene. Through those connections, I freelanced as a session musician through 80's and did mostly TV commercials & jingles.  Wrote some original songs, formed a band to play them (Dear France), and in the late 80's we were signed to Passion Records. Soon afterwards, the company CEO was arrested & imprisoned for serial child molestation. Company folded, contract voided. I took a break from music.  Fast forward... got married, had kids, moved to Florida, played in local bands, got divorced, started 2 successful companies,  And then in 2003, I met Devora.... love of my life!!!  Five terrific kids between us.  We got married in 2010, bought a ranch in the sticks with cows, horses, goats, chickens. Then in 2014, I happened upon an advertisement for something called "Cruise To The Edge".... and I think you know the rest!!   Here we go again.....Welcome to ProgStock's Last Call Live!!


Elec & Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar (also vocals, backing vocals) - - Favorite Artists: Yes, King Crimson, Beatles, Genesis (W&W and earlier), Gentle Giant, Strawbs, NRBQ, Who, Kinks, XTC, Camel, Man, Soft Machine

Bassist with Shine Delirious, the west coast’s premier Classic Yes cover band.  Veteran of CTTE 2015, and POTR II, II & IV, bassist for San Francisco's Classic Yes cover band, Shine Delirious. My parents gave me a guitar at age 8 (during the early ’60s folk boom), and my grandfather gave me a tape recorder at 10. When I heard “I Want To Hold Your Hand” a few years later I looked down at my guitar and thought, “Oh! THAT’S what this thing is for!”

My main influences on bass are Chris Squire, Paul McCartney, John Entwistle and Carol Kaye. I've been a member of bay area piano rock band True Margrit since 1992 and am also a member of the prog-pop band Luminous Newts. I've also been in Berkeley avant-garage band The Jars and the ’90s punk/caberet/comedy band Pimpslap. I've been a professional mastering & recording engineer and producer since 1975 first with Bell Sound in NYC, later with Fantasy Studios for the past 35 years on my own with A. Hammer Mastering and Digital Media.


Bass Guitar (also lead guitar, rythm guitar,backing vocals, lead vocals, mandolin) - - Favorite Artists: Marillion, Glass Hammer, The Who, Yes, Gary Moore, Steve Hackett, Transatlantic, etc.

I've been playing guitar for over 30 years. Shortly after realizing that the best parts of The Who were actually Entwistle, I started playing bass. I've played in bands pretty consistently from the 90's through now, currently with Terra Fermata. I have 5 recording projects in my past. I have a pretty good ear and pick up songs rather quickly. Looking forward to playing bass and/or guitar with some great musicians at ProgStock. Link is to my last band, Glorify; I'm on lead guitar.


Bass Guitar (also vocals, guitar, banjo, backing vocals) - - Favorite Artists: Rush, Yes, Dixie Dregs, Genesis, Flying Colors, Pink Floyd, Return To Forever and many more

Hey you all. My name is Tim. You might know me from being the breakfast cook at Prog on the Ranch. I like long walks on the beach and conversations about farm animals. Well Bill and Devora, being the fine and generous people that they are have prodded me into playing at this Last Call Live thingy. I have accepted and now I am honing my skills on the bass. I’m new to this “Progressive Rock” thing, in fact I thought it was a bunch of Democratic candidates that formed a band. I hear the music can be a bit complicated, but I’m up to the task. I already know Smoke on the Water and Runnin’ with the Devil, so, as long as I can use my E string (that’s one of them right?), we’re gonna rock the house! Looking forward to seeing you all real soon!


Bass Guitar -(also backing vocals)

Oliver is a stage tech at ProgStock 2019. He has been playing bass since early 2018 but you would never know it. :)


Bass Guitar (also drums, keyboards, vocals) - - Favorite Artists: Yes, ELP, Genesis, Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Eno, Roxy Music, Asia

Music has always been an important part of my life from a very early age. My uncle used to be a dance band drummer and let me sit on his kit and play when I was about 5 and that was it. Hooked. I've been playing in bands since age 14. I have traveled the world as a musician and as a live sound engineer for various bands over the last 35+ years. My current bands are Total Mass Retain (Yes tribute with CTTE Alum Joey Cass), Count Zero, Butterscott, Gramlins and What About Naomi. You may also remember me from my performance at the very first ProgStock Festival as a member of Circuline. I also work as a studio engineer, producing loads of bands from Boston for the past 25+ years. 

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